Church History

Helen Campbell and Nellie Kirkpatrick started a Sunday School in Laclede. Over the years they used the the old Grange Hall and the Laclede School House. Occasionally a minister would come from Village Missions to hold Church Service at night or Bible School for the children.

In April of 1967 the church members decided they would like to build a real church for worship! On February 20th 1968 Patsy’s mother Dorothy Mae Kurtz deeded a piece of her property to the church. The first section of the church was built which included a sanctuary and two classrooms with an outdoor toilet.

Ed Skudler from Priest River came and pastored the church for a season then Buford Cates pastored for a time. When Buford left, the men of the church took turns bringing the message, and soon they wanted Dan to become their pastor. Dan was ordained in 1977 with Chuck Wigton from First Christian Church conducting the ceremony. The board of directors at that time were William Moore, June McCracken, Helen Campbell, Myron Watts, Mary Farmer and Dorothy Kurtz.

On October 5th 1979, Jack and Jackie Brooks deeded a piece of property to the church that adjoined on the south of the church property. So two more classrooms and two bathrooms were built.

On April 3rd 1987 the church purchased the brick house that adjoined the church property to the north.

In 1996 the house was torn town and the third phase of construction began. At that time a fellowship hall, kitchen and handicap bathroom was added on. A portable  wall was installed between the sanctuary and fellowship hall in case of a large crowd.

As attendance increased, Steve Ennis was ordained and became the associate pastor  for 6 years.

In 2004 the fourth phase of construction was finished. This included a new sanctuary, storage room, another bathroom and baptismal.

It is amazing to us how the Lord supplied all the finances we needed to complete each stage of construction without having a debt. WE SERVE AN AWESOME GOD!!!